Our Mission

The ISACM is a nonprofit organization incorporated in Philadelphia, PA, USA. The primary purpose of this organization is to advance clinical applications of magnetoencephalography (MEG), as accomplished through research, education, standardization of procedures, sharing of data and protocols, and the development of strategies for improving reimbursement for clinical examinations.

Our objectives include, but are not limited to:

1. To encourage and facilitate the use of MEG in the clinical management of patients with neurological and psychiatric disorders.

2. To develop and support standards for practice of clinical MEG examinations. These standards will encompass both data collection and data analysis strategies.

3. To develop and support standards for the training of technologists, technicians, and Ph.D. and M.D. scientists and clinicians in the collection, analysis and interpretation of clinical MEG data.

4. To support and aid in the formation, development and coordination of MEG multi- center clinical trials and normative and clinical databases.

5. To provide resources for patient and physician education on the clinical uses of MEG.

6. To serve as an information resource for government-based and private insurance companies considering reimbursement for clinical MEG services.